Hello wearing Internet traveler,

I know the World Wide Web can be an overwhelming, endless, no way to escape, black hole of information, blogs, and articles.  The fact that you even found this page feels a little like serendipity.  Can you feel how we were meant to be together?!

I am an improviser, sketch writer, and soon to be stand up comedian attempting to build a career in comedy.  I’m using this blog as a way to practice and help develop new material and a unique comic voiceI am really happy with the title, so let me explain how I came up with that.  Commedia Dell’Arte was one of the earliest forms of improv comedy.  Del Taco sounds a little bit like a fun play on Dell’Arte, if you drink a couple glasses of wine.  But a fun, not intentional coincidence, Taco Bell and Del Taco are the unofficial sponsor to most LA improvisers.  Boy oh boy do they love their late night Mexican food.  Also, a “taco” is slang for a woman’s lady parts.  I’m a lady improviser in LA, hence Viva Commedia Dell’ Taco! (Translation: Long Live Comedy of the Taco!)

Thank you again for stopping by. Do come back often. I believe in you!


The Comedy Taco



2 thoughts on “About

  1. ” Also, a “taco” is slang for a woman’s lady parts. ” <— since when? you learn new stuff every day 😛

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