Happy Birthday Comedy Taco!

Dear Diary,

There is still no man admitting to having a crush on me. So the plan is to continue wearing sweat pants and taking comedy class. Also thought I’d start a blog because, regardless of the plethora of creative projects in my life that take up a good amount of my attention, I still get bored very easily.

With this blog I hope to laugh about random stuff in life.  Perhaps I’ll parody current events. Maybe from time to time I’ll over think things. Once in a while I’ll give some self-help advice, such as, how to distract yourself from the pain in life and how to trick yourself into being happy.  You know, the basics.

Through writing this blog, I hope to meet more people who enjoy reading blogs written by moderately funny, career driven, still trying to make it comedian woman who prefers wearing sweat pants while lying on the living room floor watching netflix eating dinner out of take out boxes rather than going to noisy bars and clubs.  Also I hope those people I meet like blogs with run on sentences and less than par grammar.

For “realsies”, I hope this blog will help me develop my comic voice and improve my writing. Hopefully, in a perfect dream world, where there aren’t a million other people more talented, funny, and hard working than me and once this blog is refined, reworked and developed, it will serve as a stepping stone to being able to list comedy writer on my income tax return.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my first post. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.


The Comedy Taco